Thai Imagine Co., Ltd was born from a combination of a team that has experience in business computing. For the purpose. Been made. To a group of businessmen. Who recognize the opportunities and new channels for marketing on the Internet. Along with providing the same one as your employees. Take care consulting, design a website. Computer so that all businesses have continuity in the world of. Wireless communication border.

And today Thai Imagine Co., Ltd is ready to take your business to the world of electronic commerce Knicks only. Entrusted to us as service providers, consultants, designers (webdesign) and those who walk beside you to the world wide Marketing.

We have a team to do it. Analysis of needs and problems of existing systems. It can analyze and manage the network. To reduce the network of agencies that also increases the speed of work due to the Intranet (Intranet) must have a server to manage the data and programs used by organizations such as the database system.

- Shipping.
- A job site.
- The company that wants to have contact with customers.
- Program control signal GIS.
- The driver of production.
- A program of wage and personnel.
- The program inventories.
- Accounting reports.
- Applications MLM.
- Maintenance management system.
- The plan to use the material – sort of. (Industrial).
- Inventory Management Program – Program Hotel / Accommodation.
- In-VCD-Video Sales – Rentals.
- Safety measures for high schools.
- Market forecasts (Forecast Method).
- Personnel management system.
- Salary Management System.
- Management Training Center.
- Data management activities.
- Management Buy – Sell Accounts Receivable – Accounts Payable.
- System resources.
- The driver of the Pathfinder – the parcel.
- Loan programs – all libraries.